paragliding in Rishikesh

Paragliding in Rishikesh– This holiday, experience the adrenaline rush in Rishikesh, a small yet beautiful city in Dehradun District of Uttrakhand. The city is known as an ‘adventure capital of India’, surrounded by magnificent locations, whether it is the gushing rivers, beautiful valleys, or amazing greenery. From river rafting to kayaking, it has a plethora of activities which will give you a reason to head to this lovely city. Imagine! How would it feel in flying high in the blue sky? Experience the feeling of wind sigh and see the world go by. Paragliding in Rishikesh is an unforgettable experience, giving you a chance to see the world from the top.

Rishikesh, the Adventure capital of India is a fast developing as a major tourist hub in Uttarakhand. It offers various daring adventurous activities Camping, Rafting, Ballooning, etc. Among them, Paragliding activity is quite popular. Paragliding in Rishikesh involves flying a paraglider which generates its thrust from a motorized fan. And thus helps paraglider to fly in the sky. Para-motoring is another name of paragliding activity in Rishikesh. Catch the aerial glimpses of big jets arriving as the paragliding flight takes off near the airport premises. You’ll also get a chance to explore Rishikesh beautiful landscapes. Morning paragliding flights are popular for a lovely sunrise view. On the other hand, evening flights showcases the mesmerizing sunset in Rishikesh.

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