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fGo for India’ has designed some special festival-oriented tour packages for you. Apart from traditional festivals, India has a number of other festivals that are organised by the Tourism Department. These fairs and festivals are held to give the visitors a unique and genuine taste of India. And that’s exactly what we do through our fairs and festivals tours. Whether you wish to attend a festival in the far north, in the western India or in the central India, there’s a packages just waiting for you. Everything from accommodation to air/ground transport has been well taken care of. You only need to make a choice.

Our specially designed festival tour invites you to vacation in India and experience this ethnically and culturally diverse land. Incredible India has its unique festivities interspersed throughout the year. During Festival Tours India you will get to know that each and every religion has something to celebrate; each religion having its own festivals, forms of art, lore and rituals. Incredible India has a plethora of diverse festivals and almost every festival has its own flavor with a meaningful identity there are religious fairs, Pushkar's camel fair, and mark the altering seasons.

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