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Children Adventure Camp :

School adventure camps are mainly for the school children who are used to staying in their school with minimal activities. They are able to give a lot of activity for their brain in their schools, but there is little or no activity for the children as far as their physical health are concerned. This lack of physical activity can lead to laziness in these kids and they may also not learn various important lessons useful for their daily life.
There are a few amazing benefits of the school adventure camps the various benefits of these adventure camps.

1. Commune with nature: The children who are part of the school are taken out with their friends on trips to various camp sites as part of their education and extra curricular activities. This helps to make sure that the kids are able to learn all about the nature. If they camp in a forested area, they learn about the importance of nature in their life.
2. Feeling of camaraderie: The school kids who stay with their friends on these school adventure camps are able to have a feeling of friendship with the people who are part of the camp. They are able to make new friends and are also renew their friendship with their existing friends.
3. Keep fit: The kids need time to spend with the nature because this will help them to be able to keep fit. Usually school children do not have time to stop and admire the nature around them. This is possible when they are out in the camp and this is a wonderful opportunity for them to get fit too. All the activities that these children do as part of their camp help them to be fit.
4. Motivation: The person who has been part of some of these summer camps will be able to have a lot of motivation to do many more things in life because they have been able to achieve many things in the camp.

River Rafting,Nature trikking,Rock clibing,Rapling,Bech boli bol,Crickit,Bat mentan,Bone fire,Football,bat mintan, cliff jumping, body sarfing,
Meals : 1Lunch, 1Snacks, 1Dinner and 1Breakfast
Rafting- 18km, shivpuri to ramjhula,

Rs. 1850.00 
Per Person
*Transport Extra*

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